About Us

McMinn County Farmers Mutual Insurance Company has maintained a tradition of investing policy holder’s equity locally for 100 years. Our fair claims adjustments have allowed the strength of our membership to GROW …after all…“The Membership is the Company”

Our Staff
Vicki Anderson Moore
AINS Secretary/Treasurer, General Manager, General Agent
Dustin S. Housley
Agent, Customer Service
Horace P. Moore III
PA, Adjuster, Property Inspector
Board of Directors
Jimmy Small, President Vicki Anderson Moore, Secretary/Treasurer
Patrick A. Dyke, Vice-President David Dilbeck
John Gambill James E. Kyker
Horace P. Moore III  Annette Hutsell
Michael S. Burkett

“Be it known that W. Getty, H.H. Matlock, S.T.Porter, A.M. Keith, J.A.,
Reagan, John Gregory and S.F. Gettys are hereby constituted a body
politic and corporate by the name and style of McMinn County Farmers
Mutual Insurance Company for the purpose of mutually insuring against
loss, or damages by fire or lightning on farm buildings and contents, live
stock and farm products, the property of the members of the corporation
at such rate of premium and upon such terms and conditions as may be
agreed on; that is may have and exercise all of the rights and privileges,
of fire insurance companies by the statutes of Tennessee, all such losses
and damages to be paid by assessments upon the members of the

Thus reads the 1st paragraph of the Charter of McMinn County
Farmers Mutual Insurance Company that was recorded with the
Secretary of State of the State of Tennessee on December 28, 1908. This
marked the beginning of the oldest insurance company in McMinn
County. In the first meeting of the members of the Mutual W. Gettys
was elected President and A.M. Keith Secretary.
McMinn Farmers Mutual has changed somewhat over the years we
reinsure in order to relieve the possible burden of assessment and carry
lines of insurance other than just Fire and Lightning. As the Mutual
Continues to do its own underwriting and claims, the same sound fiscal
policy that was established in the beginning has been maintained. Your
Board of Directors have always striven to ensure a strong company so
that your claims can be met.

It has been a pleasure for McMinn County Farmers Mutual to serve
the citizens of McMinn and surrounding counties for 100 years and we
look forward to the same relationship in the next century.